Saturday, August 2, 2008

zine month

Yesterday I turned over the calender to August and looked at the days. Many of them are already marked off with plans, including the weekend of the 23rd when the zine symposium takes place. I looked at the little boxes and suddenly got very revved up to do a new issue of Figure 8 and get all my zines reprinted that need reprinting. We will see how much I get done, but I am glad the motivation kicked in. I was wondering where it was.

So far today I made a lot more gocco covers for Current Resident #2. That is what the picture above is of. I made them with my gocco printer and I sure love using it. I forget how gratifying it is.

Today I also added a three pack of Current Resident zines to the shop.

Well, better get back to work. I claimed this weekend my zine work weekend. I will see Steve, of course, and go to the Chunky Dunk, but other than that I will be working on the zines! Yay!

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