Sunday, August 24, 2008

portland zine symposium

Well, the zine symposium is over for another year. It was good. It was great to see some people and I got to table next to some Portland folks I like a lot, so that was great. I wish I knew how to make it not so exhausting, though. Everyone is just so worn out. You wouldn't think sitting and wandering around a room for two days would be so hard on you, but it is. Even the young early-twenty-something kids I was hanging out with felt the same way.

It is a great, though, to be in a room filled with people who just spent a long time working so hard and passionately on some little copied paper book that they made, just like you did. Many people are not that interested in these things you slave over. Even a lot of my family and friends seem uninterested in mine. But, once a year you are in a room with a bunch of people who value them and understand your devotion and love of zines. It is pretty great. I have already read a few great zines. Here is my table.

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Anonymous said...

it was awesome hanging out with you this weekend! let's do it more often :)

you table looked to so pretty! did you take more photos and stash them somewhere? i wanna see! :)

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